About Us

Droneista is a website dedicated to bringing the latest drone news, research developments, drone reviews and more, to all drone aficionados and the general public as well. On our portal, you will be able to find everything you ever wanted to know about how drones work, what the state of the latest drone research is, as well as in-length reviews of drone models currently on the market. Novelties on the drone market tend to catch our eye the most, so expect to see mostly reviews and updates once the basics are covered.

Our team is composed of several drone technology experts and aficionados, who pursue the writing on droneista.com as a side interest or hobby. Most of us have 9 to 5 jobs in fields like engineering, telecommunications or IT, which makes us both on-point with the topics we approach, and also very busy. Since updating this website comes only as a side responsibility, expect some time to pass (1 to 2 days) before we answer a comment on one of our posts, or respond to any public or private inquiry.

When we write a piece about the state of research on drone technology, you can expect to see proper citations from peer-reviewed research studies. When we focus on a particular drone model and write a review for it, you can expect to see information about how the model works, where it can be bought from, pros and cons to using it, details on the user experience, and so on. On a further note, you should know that all our reviews are written independently of any incentive. We don’t benefit from any kind of sponsorship from drone companies and we do not provide authorship to advertisement or sales texts. Therefore, we like to pride ourselves in the objective and unbiased view on the drones we discuss on droneista.com. Any limitations to said objectivity are due only to personal differences between points of view of the team members involved in the report and the readers.

Should you wish to debate the views we express about a particular drone model, we are open to such discussions. If you have any additional inquiries about our team or you’d like to simply get in touch, feel free to contact us at any time at info(@)droneista.com. We also accept suggestions on what topics you’d like to see covered next, and will probably comply with your request in 1 or 2 weeks, if we find your suggestion desirable for a greater part of the community.