Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Review: Price, Feature & More!

The Blade 200 QX is no ordinary quadcopter drone. The small little doohickey is really powerful, can do acrobatics, and is perfect if you just want to have some harmless fun.

If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced quadcopter with which to play around with, either alone or with your family, this one is perfect. 

In the following review, we’ll showcase some of the best features of the Blade 200 QX, why we think it’s an awesome quadcopter, and why you should try it out.

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Main Features & Specs

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter

The Blade 200 QX is a powerful yet surprisingly small drone. It’s obviously more than just a toy. The device was designed to be the smaller brother of the Blade 350 QX, which itself is a very potent payload carrying quadcopter drone. Yet the 200 QX is slightly smaller than the Blade 350 QX, a bit more agile, and far more fun to play with.

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Drone Specs
10 minOutdoorsOptional3.71V 800mAh LiPo90 min1.5 pounds12.8x8x3.6 inches<50 m

The basic version of this drone features SAFE Technology, three separate flight operating modes, and also internal LED lights. The lights are positioned so that you are able to see the device clearly if you ever plan to fly it at night.

The design choice that makes it stand out is its outer shell – made from a translucent plastic which not only permits the LED light to pass through it but enhances its visibility as well.

Spec-wise, the Blade 200QX features an 800mAh battery which provides relatively long flight time by comparison with other beginner quadcopters.

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Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Upgrades

Arguments: Pros & Cons

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Drone Pros:

  • Has 3 flight modes;
  • SAFE Technology;
  • Has internal LED lights.

Blade 200 QX Quadcopter Drone Cons:

  • Flight time too short;
  • The battery takes too long to charge.

Blade 200 QX Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Remote Control

Setting up the Blade 200QX for first use is really easy. In fact, you just have to follow the next steps exactly. First, you need to pair the drone with your controller.

To do this, you should use the instructions included in the instruction manual. The manual features exact steps for every single type of controller that will work with the Blade 200 QX.

However, for other controllers, it’s advised that you speak directly to the company that made the quadcopter.

Go outdoors and then set up the drone. This should stand as obvious, yet many make the mistake of trying to run the drone indoors first. Never do that, no matter how small the drone is. Simply put: testing it outside is a lot safer.

Never insert the battery prior to you actually intending to use the drone. Put the battery in its slot, connect it to the drone, and then close the small battery tray. 

Put the drone on a flat surface and wait for 10 seconds at the least after you’ve installed the battery. Then move about 4 feet away from the drone for safety reasons.

Flying the Drone

Flying the Drone

When turning on the quadcopter, the second paddle switch to the top left of your controller should be pulled forward. All other switches should be centered.

Turn on the drone by simply pulling the on-off switch or power switch and leave it in the on position. If the drone is in standard flight mode, you should see a flickering blue light that will turn into a stable green light once the drone has been calibrated.

To turn on the propellers, wait for the green light, and then move the throttle button (the vertical button on the left) a few clicks up (2 or 3 should do).

The propellers will not start yet. To start the propellers, you just have to signal the drone that you’re ready for flight.

You can do this by pulling the throttle stick down and then moving it from left to right in a few quick movements (left or right stick, depending on the controller).

After you’ve gone through all of these steps, the Blade 200 QX should jump up. Step away from it, make sure there’s nobody around that the drone could hit, and then play with the controls. Moreover, make sure to gain altitude before trying any acrobatics.

The Blade 200 QX features three flight modes: standard, agility, and advanced. However, if you’re new to drones, we recommend you begin with the standard mode.

We also recommend using this one for lift-off and landing the drone.

The agility mode is slightly more complicated to master, but still pretty easy. If you’ve mastered flight in standard mode, agility mode should be pretty straightforward.

The advanced mode, however, while allowing for more intricate acrobatics, is still difficult to master even for the most experienced quadcopter flyers.

What’s in the Box?

The Blade 200 QX comes in a neat, small box. Here’s what you can expect to find the box:

  • The Blade 200 QX drone.
  • The landing gear.
  • A basic hex key.
  • The battery.
  • The battery charger and adapter.
  • Spare propellers and nut driver.
  • The instructions manual.

Our Verdict

To conclude, our general impression of this quadcopter is that it’s really good for those that want to get into drones and are about to become serious about this hobby.

Flying the Blade 200QX should be pretty easy, even in agility mode, once you get used to the controls. As a result, the 200 QX is really a step up from whatever else you may have owned in the past.

If you have this drone let us know how it worked for you in a comment below!

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