UDI U818A Drone Review: Features & Specs

UDI U818A Drone Review

The UDI U818A is widely considered the epitome of low-cost drones. This nifty, minimalistic Quadcopter is one of the best beginner’s drone out there on the market. In our UDI U818A review, we will talk about why the drone’s design is important. We will also touch on the fact that there are two kinds of … Read more

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Review

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Review

Welcome to our Heli Max 1SQ quadcopter review, if you fancy yourself a decent drone pilot then you might want to have a second look at this drone designed specifically to make flying fun again.  We must confess the fact that we were a little skeptic about the Heli Max 1SQ from what we could tell after unpacking it. … Read more

Tronxy X5S Review: Price, Ease of Use, and More

Tronxy X5S Review

Advances in 3D printing have changed the world, and they are sure to bring more exciting advances as the technology grows. Formerly, a 3D printer was a tool reserved for big budgets. The expense of buying and operating one was high. Luckily for us, the cost of owning a 3D printer is dropping. Many 3D printer options … Read more

Top 5 Mini Drones: Choose The Best One For You!

Best Mini Drones

If you’re tired of flying around a bulky drone, you should definitely consider a mini drone. Although they’re not as powerful as their larger brethren, mini drones are very easy to control and fun to fly.  If you are not convinced to just leave behind your cool big-size drone and settle for a mini-me version … Read more