Cheerson CX-10 Mini Review

When on a tight budget and looking for something fun to do, consider purchasing your very own Cheerson CX-10 mini drone. They’re fun to fly, great for kids and house pets, cheap, resilient, and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Buying a mini drone instead of a regular-sized drone will ensure this purchase doesn’t break the bank.

In our Cheerson CX-10 mini review we’re going to prove that a drone doesn’t need to be big, nor sport all kinds of attachments in order to be fun, read more about that below!

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Drone Main Features & Specs

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini, also known by its full name of Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29mm 4 Ch. 2.4 GHz 6-Axis Gyro LED RC Quadcopter Bright Orange, astounds the user with its small size and lightweight.

The Cheerson CX-10 29mm quadcopter weighs approximately 13 grams and has 7 centimeters in length, 7 centimeters in width, and 2.7 centimeters in height.

Its frame is made out of modified nylon, enhanced with ABS and transparent PS + K-Resin, making the drone both light and durable.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Drone Specs
4-8 minIndoor/OutdoorNot included3.7V 100mAh Li-Po30-40 min1.6 ounces6 x 3 x 3 inch40m

As for the flight assembly, the drone swoops through the air using four brushless motors, which are equipped with four flexible blades.

Furthermore, as far as stabilization is concerned, the Cheerson CX-10 29mm quadcopter orange uses a 6-axis gyro system, excellent for performing in-flight stunts like 360-degree flips and fast turns.

Arguments: Pros & Cons

Arguments: Cheerson Cx-10 Mini Pros:

  • Highly versatile;
  • Good flight time;
  • Easy to use controller;
  • Excellent maneuverability;
  • Can perform stunts;
  • Intuitive remote control.

Cheerson Cx-10 Mini Cons:

  • No camera;
  • No windproofing;
  • Propeller guard not included;
  • Blades have a tendency to break easily;

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Review: Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

As part of our improv Cheerson CX-10 Mini review, we’ve had the opportunity of experimenting a bit with this nano drone.

So, in the following sections, we are going to tell you a bit about the drone’s remote control and about how the drone fared in our backyard tests.

Remote Control

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Gyro LED RC Quadcopter Controller

Besides the fact that the remote control we’ve purchased had a pink-like tint, we’ve actually found it quite useful. The first thing we’ve observed after unboxing the controller is how light and compact it was.

Cheerson’s remote control fits perfectly into the palm of your hands, and we did not have any trouble reaching any of the controls. All the buttons were fitted nicely in the center of the remote control and each of them had some sort of inscription.

Although we expected to see a simple plastic controller, Cheerson’s RC managed to surprise us. Each of the buttons is brightly colored, and they are even coated with anti-adhesive material in order to prevent the thumbs from flipping.

Cheerson’s remote control felt rather more like an X-Box controller than a typically mini drone RC. On the front of the RC, there are the twin stick-like controllers, the left one being used to control the drone’s ascent, descent and to move it back and forth, while the rightmost controller is used for throttle/aileron.

There’s an additional button placed in the center of the remote control, which can be used in order to control the drone’s ascend/descent trimming function. 

Below it there’s the power switch, and on the right side of the power switch, there is the trimming button for left and right flying.

The remote control also has a power indicator LED, which begins to change color as the drone runs out of juice. All in all, we found the drone’s remote control useful, functional, highly-intuitive, and user-friendly.

Flying the Drone

What’s in the Cheerson CX-10 Mini Gyro LED RC Quadcopter Box

During our Cheerson Cx-10 Mini review, we even got around to flying the drone.  We first tested the drone indoors.

Getting the drone up in the air after the grand unboxing was very easy: we’ve inserted the batteries into the slot, hit the ON switch, and the drone was ready for action.

The first thing we’ve observed during take-off is that the Cheerson CX-10 Mini has a small tendency to drift to the left and the right during the first few seconds. But after that, we had no issues keeping it in the air.

Surprisingly enough, even though we’ve managed to ram the drone in the walls, the CX-10 25mm quadcopter did not crash. Moreover, the drone had no issue navigating around narrow spots.

For the second series of tests, we took the drone outside. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the done under windy conditions, but we can state for a fact that the drone would not have fared well, due to its flimsy built.

Another thing that caught our attention during the test is how silent the drone is. Compared to the Holy Stone, which made quite a racket, the Cheerson was very silent, producing a low-intensity hum noise.

This mini drone was great during the outdoor flying as well. The 6-axis gyro really knows its business, especially when it comes to performing 360-degrees flips and evasions.

Another positive aspect of this drone is how steady it is when in hover mode. The only thing that bothered us during the test is how easily one can lose sight of the drone when flying it too far.

However, we’ve managed to get around this by calling the drone back. All in all, we have to acknowledge that the Cheerson CX-10 mini drone is quite nifty, easy to fly, and user-friendly.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini Gyro LED RC Quadcopter

6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability

What’s in the box?

When you receive and unpack your brand new mini drone, this is what you should find in the box:

  • Mini UFO QuadCopter.
  • USB cable.
  • Remote controller.
  • Two main blades.
  • User manual.

Our Verdict

In order to conclude our Cheerson Cx-10 mini review, we need to make a few observation regarding this quadcopter. First of all, it would be a good idea to buy an extra battery for the drone.

Furthermore, we also advise buying an extra pack of propeller blades, because the original blades have a tendency to break after some time.

Since we are talking about mini drones, we suggest you also take a look at the Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter. All in all, this drone is fun to pilot, very easy to use and designed to accommodate beginners. Have you purchased this drone?

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