Cheerwing CW4 Drone Review

The Cheerwing CW4 Drone is a medium range quadcopter, it is intended for beginners, but even experienced users will find it fun to play with. Unlike many other models, you can get it right on your first flying attempt. Besides, if you lose control of it, you can always use the auto-landing feature to prevent an accident. This Cheerwing CW4 drone review aims at giving you a clear picture of what the device offers, and whether it would be suitable for you.

Cheerwing CW4 Drone Main Features & Specs

This drone is excellently designed, and the manufacturer has included lots of features to make its operation easy. Among those we have the one touch down and one key take off functionality to make maneuvering of the drone easier. With these features, you only need to learn how to push a single button, and the drone will take off. The one touch down feature makes it easier to land the drone safely, even when it is running low on battery.

Cheerwing CW4 Drone Specs
Flight Environment Camera Battery Charge Weight Size Range
6 to 9 min Indoor and


2 MP (720P) HD 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po 60 min 2 ounces 2 x 14 x 4.2 50 m

The 2 MP 720P camera is amazing for taking pictures and videos. The videos and pictures are stored in the micro SD card for you to view later. Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch the videos while the quadcopter is in the air as it is not FPV capable, unlike the Parrot Bebop drone or the Hubsan X4 H107d. Also, the video footage is upgraded to 1280 by 720 at 30 FPS.

Arguments: Pros & Cons

The Cheerwing CW4 drone is designed to satisfy the needs of users perfectly. However, like any product, it comes with several flaws. Read on to find out the benefits and disadvantages of this UAV.

Cheerwing CW4 Drone Pros:
  • Auto take-off and auto-landing features;
  • HD camera;
  • Can perform extreme stunts and tricks;
  • Altitude hold mode to take steadier photographs;
  • Comes with 4 spare propellers;
  • Because of its weight, you can use it without a permit;
  • The design is sturdy, and this will keep it functioning even after a few crashes.
Cheerwing CW4 Drone Cons:
  • Is not FPV capable, meaning you can’t watch the video as the drone is flying;
  • The camera is angled slightly downward so high altitude shots and ridge lines are tough to capture;
  • Short transmitter range.

Cheerwing CW4 Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Any buyer who will read this Cheerwing CW4 drone review will understand that flying this quadcopter is very easy. To many people, flying it will even be intuitive, also the instructions are very clearly stated in the user manual. Taking off and holding at certain altitudes only requires the push of a single button. You should understand the controls perfectly before your first flight. The controls of this unmanned aerial vehicle are highly responsive. As many users have also pointed out, it can easily fly out of range and get lost, which can actually happen.

Remote Control

Our Cheerwing CW4 drone review has found the remote control to be neatly designed with all the buttons easily reachable. Also, its throttle stick is very flexible and always returns to its central position after you let go of it.

One nice feature included in the remote control is telemetry, which makes it beep when the UAV gets out of range. As noted before, the drone is very sensitive to the remote control. Nonetheless, you won’t feel like it is sliding off.

In case you lose control, just remember to use the auto-landing button. When the remote control starts beeping to warn of the low battery, you should also push the same button to prevent an accident.

Flying the Drone

For your first flight, it would be advisable to start with basic movements. Fly it close to the ground and as near you as possible to get a feel of the remote control’s responsiveness. This will also give you a chance to reposition its camera.

The Cheerwing CW4 Drone has a slightly tilted camera, so most of the view will be of the ground. If you are more interested in views of the horizon, you can loosen the screws a bit and hold the camera in place using an object.

The auto-landing feature will come in handy in case the drone gets out of range or is low in charge. It simply requires the push of a button and the quadcopter will land safely. The same button can be held for about 2 seconds to make the drone shut down. By using this feature, you can prevent accidents and damage to your UAV.

The manufacturer advises against flying the drone outdoors on a windy day due to its lightweight. For your first flight, you can choose to play with it in an open outdoor location. Ideally, the setting should not have obstructions that can contribute to the crashing of the quadcopter. A good time to fly your drone is in the morning since it is usually less windy.

What’s in the Box?

Apart from the batteries for the transmitter, everything you need to fly and maintain this quadcopter is in the box. The package includes:

  • User manual;
  • The Cheerwing CW4 Quadcopter;
  • USB cable;
  • 2.4 GHz remote control;
  • A 4 GB micro SD card;
  • Two landing legs;
  • Two 500mAh LiPo Batteries;
  • Screwdriver;
  • 4 propeller guards;
  • SD card reader.

Our Verdict

We are sure this Cheerwing CW4 Drone review has convinced you this device is a great purchase choice. Considering its great functionality, the product is very reasonably priced also. It is probably the easiest UAV to fly and land, the only problem you might have is the fact that it is not FPV capable. Nonetheless, it is an excellent product with a great price. We would recommend it to any beginner drone flyer.

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