DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone Review

The DBPOWER MJX X400W drone is a great product, it was designed to be beginner-friendly, although experienced flyers will also appreciate its ease of use.

This DBPOWER MJX X400W review will cover everything you need to know about the quadcopter and will provide you with useful recommendations.

The manufacturer also did an excellent job of making it FPV capable. With this UAV, you can watch the view from an aerial position without having to get on a plane. 

Overall, it is recommendable. We hope that this DBPOWER MJX X400W review will give you a clear picture of the gadget.

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone Main Features & Specs

The DBPOWER MJX X400W review has identified it to be among the best drones on the market right now. It possesses a lot of helpful features. Notably, it has FPV capabilities, just like the Holy Stone X300C, meaning you can watch the view from above as the quadcopter flies.

However, the original package does not include a VR headset. To watch the view, you will have to download the MJX FPV app, which is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Alternatively, you can look at the videos and images later on your desktop device, they will be stored in the TF card.

DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone Specs
8-9 minIndoor & Outdoor720p HD33.7V 750mAh Li-po120min1.6 pounds11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches100m

Other features of the DBPOWER MJX X400W are the LED light for visibility at night, and the one key 3D roll. 

The drone also has the 6 axis gyro technology which ensures the proper positioning of the gadget. Because of this feature, you can use it in windy environments.

Arguments: Pros & Cons

Arguments: DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone Pros:

  • Compatible with VR headsets;
  • Is very steady when flying and has a headless mode for easier flying;
  • Has LED light for visibility at night;
  • The battery lasts for a sufficient amount of time;
  • It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices;
  • Capable of giving real time video transmissions;
  • Because it is lightweight, you do not need permission to fly it.

DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone Cons:

  • It does not come with a VR headset, so you have to get your own.

DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

In this DBPOWER MJX X400W review, we have tried to show how simple it is to fly the gadget. The manufacturer made it beginner-friendly in many different ways.

Unfortunately, the MJX X400W manual is written in poor English. That said, controlling the quadcopter is mostly intuitive, and since you have some room for error, you can simply try flying it in a safe environment till you get it right.

Remote Control

The remote control has a nice design. It has 12 control buttons in total, all placed conveniently within reach of your fingers. The remote runs on 3 AA batteries and these do not come in the original package.

With the remote control, you can turn on headless mode, and this will allow you to control the UAV easily without having to consider the front side of the gadget.

The transmitter responsivity of the remote control is also very high. It is advisable that you start with the lowest speed as you get a feel of the drone.

Flying the Drone

Flying the drone is quite simple, even for beginners. The only challenge you are bound to experience is with the high speed of the gadget. It will take some time for the transmitter to synchronize with the quadcopter.

To be safe, you should start from the lowest speed and increase as you get to understand the different levels. Otherwise, it is easy for you to fly the drone out of range, which may result in its loss.

You can try your first flight in an enclosed place. The drone has a sturdy design and can crash several times without it enduring any damage. In addition, the package comes with four spare propeller blades.

Another alternative is to fly it in an open field where you can track it easily, especially if you are not using the real-time video transmission feature. The best time for this exercise would be early in the morning when traffic is low.

It is advisable to turn on headless mode when flying for the first time. This way, only the directions in the transmitter matter. The propellers are all colored white to make it even less confusing for you.

Unlike many other gadgets, this one is very steady and stable when in the air. This makes it simpler to control, even for the inexperienced. The manufacturer managed to make it steady by using the 6 axis gyro technology.

Before flying the drone, you might also want to connect it to your phone so that you can view the real-time video transmission. You can do this by connecting your phone to the gadget’s Wi-Fi.

It will also be necessary to download the MJX app. With this feature, you will be able to enjoy aerial views and can even snap photos when you get a nice image.

We hope that this DBPOWER MJX X400W review has also made it clear that the drone flies for 8 to 9 minutes when fully charged.

The charge will get depleted over this period, so you should always limit you flying time to a maximum of 9 minutes. You don’t want your quadcopter to land in a crash, which could result in potential damage to its parts.

What’s in the Box?

The package of the drone contains:

  • One quadcopter with camera;
  • A transmitter;
  • The 3.7V 750mAh battery;
  • USB charging cable;
  • Four spare propellers;
  • The user manual;
  • A screwdriver.

Our Verdict

As you have probably concluded from this DBPOWER MJX X400W review, this quadcopter is one of the best you will find for the price. It is rich in useful and necessary features that are obviously missing in other gadgets. Some of these are the FPV capability and 6 axis gyro technology.

These allow the drone to fly very steadily and the videos transmissions are, therefore, very pleasant to watch. When you get a nice view, you can even snap a picture. If you have already used this gadget, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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