Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Review

Welcome to our Heli Max 1SQ quadcopter review, if you fancy yourself a decent drone pilot then you might want to have a second look at this drone designed specifically to make flying fun again. 

We must confess the fact that we were a little skeptic about the Heli Max 1SQ from what we could tell after unpacking it.

The quadcopter looked kind of flimsy, and not to mention the fact that it didn’t have any fan guards installed. But we soon came to realize how wrong we were, and we want to share this amazing experience with you!

Heli Max 1SQ Drone Main Features & Specs

The Heli Max 1SQ is powered by four brushless engines, which sport out the coreless technology. This feature prevents engines from overheating during the flight.

Unfortunately, the four curved propeller blades fare not protected by a fan guard. However, the material is strong enough to take any kind of punishment.

The Heli Max 1SQ has been retrofitted with a 6-Axis stabilization system and also sports out the TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization) system.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how windy it is outside, or how many obstacles lay ahead, the system will keep the drone steady as a rock.

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Specs

Flight: 10 min

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Camera: No

Battery: 3.7V 250 mAh Li-Po

Charge: 60 min

Weight: 1.12 ounces

Size: 10 x 9.1 x 4.2 inches

Range: 4 m

Another thing that we’ve liked about the Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter is that the drone actually has a remote controller emulating system. What does this mean?

Let’s say that this isn’t the first drone you flew and that you like how your actual drone is handling, but you simply hate its remote control.

The emulation system actually lets you bind your Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter to a remote control of your choice. However, it takes a little technical know-how in order to pull off this stunt.

So, if you’re willing to go through this step, we recommend you to take your drone and the remote control to someone specialized in these kinds of gizmos.

You may also attempt to perform this operation yourself. And there are tons of videos on YouTube that can show you how to do it without damaging your drone.

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Pros:

  • “Ready to fly” set-up;
  • Easy to pilot;
  • Can perform stunts;
  • Durable airframe;
  • Great speed;
  • Increased stabilization thanks to the TAGS system.

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter Cons:

  • Poor battery life;
  • No blade guards;
  • Bulky and unresponsive remote control.

Heli Max 1SQ Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

As always, we will start off by telling you all about the drone’s remote control. And then we’re going to reveal how the Heli Max 1SQ handled our devilish flight course.

Remote Control

After unpacking the whole thing, we were stuck at looking at something that vaguely resembled a remote control for a drone. The quadcopter’s RC felt like cheap plastic to the touch and doesn’t even fit into the palm of your hand.

Luckily, all the buttons needed to fly the drone are located in the central part of the remote. So, we were relieved to find out that we didn’t have to perform any finger gymnastics in order to reach the buttons.

Now, the Heli Max’s RC has three parts. We have the upper part of the RC, which is occupied by a pointy wireless antenna. By the way, the Heli Max 1SQ quad operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, so no need to worry about interfering with other devices.

Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter

Four independently controlled rotor blades make the 1SQ easy to fly indoors or outdoors in light winds TAGS-Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization.

The central part of the RC contains two primitive-looking stick-like buttons which help control the drone’s elevation and direction.

Moreover, the rudders are so nasty to the touch that we, in fact, managed to cut ourselves on one of its pointy edges.

The central part of the drone’s RC also contains six additional buttons for trimming and the LED power indicator.

As for the bottom part of the remote, there is a rudimentary screen which displays useful in-flight information like speed or thrust and the on/off switch.

Also, another thing we didn’t like about the RC is that the screen is useless under the sun. If you want to fly the drone outside, then you will fly it as blind as a bat, because you won’t be able to make out anything on the screen.

First Flight

First Flight

For the purpose of our review, we started by testing the Heli Max 1SQ quadcopter indoors. After hitting the on button the drone took off without any major issues.

To see if there is indeed any difference in terms of stabilization, we’ve tried to center our sticks to see if the drone has any deviation from its course.

To our bewilderment, the drone did not move an inch until we’ve pressed the forward button. Now, in terms of indoor handling, we have to declare the Heli Max 1SQ the king of all indoor mini-drones.

Without crashing or stalling, the drone managed to pass sharp corners, performs laps around various objects, and we even managed to make the cat run a little.

All in all, we have to admit that even though the drone’s RC may not look like much, the UAV itself performs admirably.

In the next part of our tests, we choose to take the drone outside for a spin. There was a little bit of wind, but nothing the drone couldn’t handle.

Now, the thing that simply amazed us is that the drone did not fall nor enter a stall when it got caught in a light breeze.

The little flying Transformer rode all those winds like it was a surfer on a wave. As for flying the drone in the proximity of dangerous items such as tree branches or rooftops, the quadcopter managed to pass by them as if they weren’t even there.

What’s in the Box?

When you receive and unpack your new drone, this is what you should find in the box:

  • The Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter;
  • Remote controller;
  • Battery;
  • USB charger;
  • Extra set of blades;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Four AA batteries;
  • Instructions manual.

Our Verdict

As a parting note, we have to admit that the Heli Max 1SQ Quadcopter is one of the most versatile drones that went through the test so far.

Great airspeed, smooth controls, and increased stabilization – these are the highlights of this nifty little UAV. 

The only things that prevent the Heli Max 1SQ to feature among the best mini-drones are its bulky and unresponsive remote control, along with its poor battery life.

Have you tried the Heli Max 1SQ? Let us know what your experience was like in a comment below!

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