Holy Stone Hs170 Review

If you want an idea for a great birthday gift, then check our Holy Stone Hs170 review, to see one of the greatest mini drones in action. Since the whole drone hype started, customers are more focused on the size of the actual drone and attachments than the flight itself.

It sounds like fun kicking it back, and watching the computer doing everything for you, but where’s the fun in actually piloting the drone yourself? The Hs170 was specifically made for flying enthusiasts who want to learn the ABC of flying around a little thingamabob.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Before starting our Holy Stone Hs170 review, we state that the drone does not offer any flying tips for customers who have no experience flying the drone. The Holy Stone Predator instructions section is a little vague when it comes to flying tips.

Basically, after unboxing the Holy Stone Predator drone, customers will have to figure out for themselves how it works.

Holy Stone HS170 Review Main Features & Specs

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Box.jpgThe Holy Stone mini drone, which has quite a long and tedious name (Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Best Choice for Drone Training) is a great start for customers who always wanted to give this drone hype a try.

According to the Predator’s user manual, this drone is not suitable for children under 14 years old and should always be operated in the presence of an adult. Weight, size, and transmission range are all in accordance with FAA’s drone regulations, so you won’t have to register this drone in order to fly it.

Holy Stone HS170 Mini Drone Specs
Price Flight Environment Camera Battery Charge Weight Wingspan Range
$39.99 6-8min Indoors/Outdoors Not Included 350 mAh 60min 14.4 ounces 10.6 inches 60-80m

The Holy Stone Predator Mini drone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations. It’s windproof and shockproof design ensure to best flying experience regardless of setting.

As mentioned before, this little drone can stand quite a being, albeit it looks so fragile. Its chassis is made out of grade-A polycarbonate material, ensuring that the drone is both resistant and aerodynamic.

The Holy Stone Predator Drone is equipped with four high-powered engines that can keep the drone steady in the air thanks to the 6-axis gyro stabilization system and the screw-attached propellers. Furthermore, thanks to the headless mode technology, the drone will always be oriented in the direction of the controller and not on the direction of the drone’s head.

Holy Stone HS170

Keeping the drone in the air is easy thanks to the 2.4 Ghz Remote control, that sports out the digital proportional radio control system.

Arguments: Pros & Cons

As part of our Holy Stone Hs170 review, we will also talk about the pros and cons of owning this drone.

Holy Stone Hs 170 Pros:
  • Easy to use: take it out of the box, attach the propellers, mount the batteries, and start having fun;
  • Great head start for beginners;
  • Excellent response time to controls;
  • Decent flight time;
  • Battery can be upgraded;
  • Can be flown indoors;
  • No FAA registration is required;
  • Can perform stunts;
  • Wind proofed, and shock proofed;
  • Holy Stone Hs 170 price: $110.
Holy Stone Hs 170 Cons:
  • Doesn’t have a camera;
  • The motor assembly can easily break;
  • Poor battery life;
  • No inscriptions on the remote control;
  • High recharge time.

Holy Stone Hs170 Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

The Hs170 Predator has a flight time ranging from 6 to 8 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, thanks to its 350 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. If you want to extend the flight time, you can always buy an extra battery or a more capacity battery like the 350 mAh Lithium-Polymer model.

Completely charging the drone’s batteries takes about 60 minutes.

Remote Control

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone Remote ControlIn accordance with our Holy Stone Hs170 review, we should also take a closer look at the mini drone’s remote control.

The first impression we got after getting a hold of the drone’s remote control, was that we were not looking at a drone’s remote control but at a Nintendo gamepad. The RC looks pretty decent: it fits into the palm of your hands quite nicely, and we did not have any issues reaching the buttons.

One would expect from a lackluster controller to sort out some dazzling functions, but that is not the case with Holy Stone’s remote control. Upon taking out the remote control from the box, we quickly discovered that we didn’t know what to do with the buttons.

There’s actually no inscription on any of them, except for the On/Off inscription found beside the black power switch. But after perusing the drone’s manual we had no trouble figuring out which is which.

As usual, the drone’s RC has two stick-like buttons which let the user control the drone’s direction and height. Although the face of the remote control seemed quite blank, the response time was more than incredible.

Basically, we could not find any kind of lag between remote and drone, and although the remote operates on the same frequency as most Wi-Fi adapters, there was no kind of interference.

The remote control operates at a distance of 60 to 80 meters, although we had a couple of issues when we’ve flown the drone over a couple of powerlines.

Sadly, during our tests, we’ve managed to crash one of the drones into a tree. Luckily, the Holy Stone drone parts are quite easy to find, especially on Amazon.com.

Flying the Drone

After installing the batteries into the remote control, the drone started to light up like a Christmas tree. It’s so silent that we’ve actually managed to pilot it inside a busy office without anyone noticing that it was there.

The drone responds to the controls quite well, and thanks to the headless mode, moving around the environment is pretty easy even for someone who never flew a drone. In fact, the controls are so smooth and responsive that it feels like operating an RC car.

As part of our Holy Stone Hs170 review, we’ve tried to see if the mini drone can perform stunts as well. Being equipped with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system, the Hs170 performed a couple of 360 degrees spins and some evasions.

The tricky part was to pilot the drone back to “home base” for recharging. As the well begins to run dry, the Hs170 becomes harder and harder to control. We recommend landing the drone after 5 minutes of flight and to switch batteries.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Good Performance of Wind-Resistant Control Range: About 30-50 Meters

Only $39.99

Another issue we’ve had with one of the drones is the loud beeping sound the RC made when it was in headless mode. First, we thought that the battery may have some issues, but it was actually the RC acting up. A quick and easy way to get around this is to push the right joystick all the way down and they to place it in the top left corner.

The beeping should stop at this point, and you can resume your flight without further issues.  All in all, the Holy Stone Predator Quadcopter is so easy to use, that even a child can do it.

What’s in the box?

Before you open the box, you should know what you have to find inside:

  • Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini quadcopter,
  • Remote controller (batteries not included)
  • one 350mAh battery,
  • four spare rotator blades,
  • USB cable,
  • user manual,
  • screwdriver.

Our Verdict

According to Amazon’s Holy Stone Hs170 reviews, the Holy Stone Hs170 Mini RC Helicopter received a 4.5-star rating, which places it well above average. As part of our Holy Stone Hs170 review, we have diligently weighed the good and the bad in order to come out with a mark.

For its endurance, design, and good response time to controls, the Holy Stone Hs170 Mini drone will receive an 8 out of 10. This drone would have easily earned a 9.5 or even a ten if it wasn’t for the low flight time and the camera.

So, if you’re new into droning, then you should definitely look into the Hs170 predator, a mini drone for pros in making.  If you want to read more about mini drones, also check out our review of the Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter.

7.3 Total Score

More Stable and Flexible with 6-Axis Gyro Stablization System

Flight Time
User Rating: 2.77 (30 votes)
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      Hello, David,

      The battery is fully charged when the light on the USB cable shuts off. If you have problems with your charger, you should contact the manufacturer.


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