Remote Control Millennium Falcon Review

Prepare to make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs with the amazing remote control Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s iconic Corellian freighter.

Blast off through waves of Imperial Tie-fighters, dodge Transdoshan slavers, and smuggle your way to Coruscant with the Millennium Falcon remote control quadcopter.

With the remote control Millennium Falcon, you can jump into hyperspace at the push of a button, and perform death-defying stunts in order to become the ultimate fighter pilot.

The most iconic ship from “Star Wars” will now be within an arm’s length, thanks to Air Hogs’s dedication and attention to details. Bear with us and we will tell you everything about the remote control Millennium Falcon.

Remote Control Millennium Falcon Drone Main Features & Specs

Made from a durable foam, the remote control Millennium Falcon can take any kind of beating, even without energy shields.

Furthermore, the durable foam ensures that your propeller blades are protected during midflight, even when you fly close those Kashyykian branches.

The whole ensemble is powered by 6 AA batteries, which can keep the iconic starship in the air for more than 4 minutes on a full charge.

Furthermore, the propeller blades are attached to four brushless motors, which are equipped with coreless technology.

This will guarantee that your ship’s engine won’t overheat during flight, impeding you to performing a successful hyperspace jump.

 Remote Control Millenium Falcon Drone Specs
$42.804minIndoorsNot includedAA50min14.9 ounces12.1 inches250 ft.

We should also point out that the UAV is incredibly light, which means that you can probably try a few test runs inside your house, not just outside.

Other features include a 360-degree flip button, headless mode, realistic Star Wars-inspired sounds, and lights.

Other features and Specs:

  • Headless mode;
  • One button to perform up to 8 kinds of stunts: flips, spins and more;
  • Six trim buttons for a seamless flight;
  • 6-Axis gyro stabilization;
  • Rechargeable via RC batteries or computer’s USB port.

Arguments: Pros and Cons

To get a complete overview of this product, take a look at the pros and cons we found after testing the drone:

Arguments: Remote Control Millennium Falcon Pros:

  • Easy to set-up;
  • Easy to fly;
  • Can perform aerial stunts;
  • Detailed;
  • Great mid-air stabilization;
  • Realistic sounds.

Remote Control Millennium Falcon Cons:

  • No auto-hover mode;
  • No one-key return feature;
  • Camera not included;
  • Poor flight time.

Millennium Falcon Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Like always, as part of this here remote control Millennium Falcon review, we managed to perform a couple of flight tests with this drone.

As a preliminary note, we have to say that although the ship’s replica might seem like an oversized children’s toy, it’s far more than that.

Remote Control

After unboxing the drone, we’ve found ourselves in front of a remote control that looked something like a cross-over between an Xbox and a Nintendo controller.

It seemed pretty nice, and the Star Wars logo smack in the middle was a nice touch, especially if you are into Star Wars collectibles.

Millennium Falcon’s remote control felt nice to the touch, although they could have gone the extra length in order to eliminate that plastic-like feeling. Still, the RC’s design is neat and clean, and it even  mimics the ship’s hull pattern.

So, the RC has 3 parts. You have the upper part of the RC which contains a wireless 2.4 Ghz 4-Channel transmitter and two buttons on each side that control the “hyper speed” function and the aerial stunts mode.

The central part of the remote control contains one green-neon power button, 6 soft keys for trimming, a power indicator and, of course, the two stick-like controllers. Now, the left switch controls elevation, while the right stick can maneuver the drone left or right.

The RC is pretty responsive to commands, and the stick-like buttons feel nice to the touch even though they don’t have any anti-slipping material coat.

Millennium Falcon’s RC has one extra button, just below the power switch, which can turn on and off the quadcopter’s sound effects.

All in all, we have to say that this drone’s remote control was impressive, even thought, at first, we took it for a children’s toy.

Flying the Drone

So, in terms of flying the remote control Millennium Falcon, we have to say that we were pretty impressed, considering the fact that Air Hogs isn’t your usual drone manufacturing choice. Still, we managed to get over our preconceptions, and tested the drone as much as we could.

Of course, the first test we performed was an indoor test, full of all sorts of Imperial obstacles, such as couches, Imperial lamps, and the dreadful tables and tight corners.  

We were astounded by the fact that this miniature ship managed to pass all our indoor tests with flying colors.

After hitting the neon-green button on the RC and the switch on the back of the Corellian cruiser, Han Solo’s ship started emitting that familiar sound.

Surprisingly enough, the quadcopter is quite silent, in spite of its dimensions. However, the protective foam covering the blades tends to vibrate once you turn on the engines.

The Millennium Falcon quadcopter took off without any issues, and it did not stutter during the first phases of the take-off.

Unfortunately, it does not have an auto-hovering function, but, once you get the hang of the controls, you can keep the ship pretty steady, without any room for deviation.

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon Powercore is for Star Wars fans ages 8+. 4 AA batteries required for operation. For indoors use only.

With the first flight test completed, we wanted to see how the quadcopter fares against Mother Nature. For this purpose, we choose a rather windy day and a clear sky.

After hitting the start button, the drone took to the air in just a few seconds. Overall, the remote control Millennium Falcon performed admirably.

Taking off in windy conditions went pretty smooth, as well as maneuvering the quadcopter around tree branches or over rooftops.

Still, we had to be very careful about exceeding the RC’s transmission distances, as this would send the drone into a stall.

All in all, we have to say that the performance of this Millennium Falcon replica was impressive. In case you want to have more options, when in comes to drones, we recommend reading our Sky Viper drone review.

What’s in the box?

When you get your brand new remote control Millennium Falcon, here is what you should find in the box:

  • RC Millennium Falcon,
  • remote control,
  • instruction manual.

Our Verdict

As a parting note to our remote control Millennium Falcon review, we were pleasantly impressed by this miniature replica of the famous Corellian Cruiser.

The drone is easy to install and not to mention very fun to fly around. Our recommendation is to go ahead to buy this drone even if you’re not a fan of the famous TV franchise.

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