Syma X1 Drone Review

There’s a fine line between a toy drone and one that really lets you ease into the hobby. While the former is great for playing around, the latter makes you feel like a pilot. One such drone is the Syma X1, a well-recommended budget-price drone for beginners. The purpose of this Syma X1 review is to take a look at the drone’s features, pros and cons, and how it flies in order to allow consumers a chance to objectively evaluate the drone’s utility.

syma X1 review

Syma X1 Drone Main Features & Specs

Our Syma X1 review found a wealth of great features in this drone. Perhaps the best, though, has to be how easy it is to fly this little machine. The 3D controls allow for even a brand new pilot to start doing tricks in an instant, with no difficult control tricks needed.

The ease of control extends to virtually every aspect of flight, allowing the pilot a real chance to feel like they’re in control no matter what they’re trying to do. It’s a fantastic drone for any new pilot and for anyone who’s working his or her way up from piloting micro-drones into the world of bigger drones.

Syma X1 Drone Specs

Flight Environment Camera Battery Charge Weight Size Range
6 min Indoor and Outdoor Not Included 3.7 V 350mAh LiPo 40 minutes 1.34 pounds 14.2 x 2.4 x 14.2 inches 40 m


Another fantastic feature of this drone is the 2.4GHz control technology. This technology helps to make sure that your drone is only being controlled by your remote control, which allows two people to fly separate Syma X1 drones near one another without any problems.

syma X1 review

This isn’t something that most pilots are going to run into, but it’s nonetheless a great feature. If you want to go out and fly with your friends, you can finally stand relatively near one another without fear of crashing your own drone. This technology is also responsible for giving the drone a bit more distance at a lower power consumption, which helps make a huge case of 2.4GHz being adopted across the industry.

Arguments: Pros and Cons

Syma X1 Drone Pros:
  • Incredibly easy to fly;
  • Looks great;
  • Included controller;
  • Relatively short charge time;
  • Doesn’t get blown off course easily;
  • Can be flown alongside other similar drones;
  • Trick controls are easy to pick up.
Syma X1 Drone Cons:
  • Battery life could be longer;
  • Leveling feature can be problematic;
  • Doesn’t control as well as other Syma models;
  • Can be a little fast for beginners;
  • Some quality control issues with the motors;
  • Radio binding can have issues.

Syma X1 Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Remote Control

syma X1 review
Honestly, one of the most surprising parts of this Syma X1 review was the controller. Simply put, this is a level above what’s expected out of most controllers at this price range.

Most similar drones come with a video game controller-style transmitter, something that’s great for new pilots but that certainly doesn’t help the transition into learning how to fly more substantial drones. The fact that this unit actually has a real controller is a point in its favor.

The controller is a little cluttered, so it’s nice to take a look at the controls. Moving from left to right, you’ll have a throttle lever, a power switch, and a control lever.

Below that (again from left to right), there’s a fine tuning switch on either side. On the bottom of the remote is an LCD display, and on the shoulders are mode and eversion switches.

Flying the Drone

Flying this drone for our Syma X1 review was a breeze. We flew outside on a still day in a field with relatively few trees, though it’s entirely possible to fly this drone inside.

Thanks to some great gyroscopic technology, you can also get away with flying this small drone even when there’s a breeze outside. It might not sound like much, but it performs much better than most drones in its weight class.

Syma X1 Drone Quadcopter

The quadcopter drone and LCD Controller Included; USB Charger included

Once you’ve got the drone put together – something that really just requires attaching propellers – you need to put this drone on a flat surface to make sure it’s level and to connect it with the transmitter. Note that the drone will consider whatever starting position it’s in to be level, so don’t hold it at an angle if you want it to fly straight.

Once it’s in the air, we recommend putting the drone through its paces a bit before trying tricks. The tricks are actually very easy, but they’re more fun when you can do them at full speed.

What’s in the Box?

We didn’t necessarily find what was included with the drone very impressive in our Syma X1 review. On one hand, you get everything that you need in order to fly the drone in the box. On the other, there are no replacement parts. Having a few extra propellers or propeller guards would be very nice, as the propellers are apt to snap if you crash the drone. Still, you don’t have to buy anything extra to fly the drone and that’s a good thing. The box included:

  • The quadcopter drone;
  • LCD Controller;
  • 4 Propeller Blades;
  • One 3.7V 350mah Li-Po battery;
  • USB Charger;
  • Instructions manual.

Our Verdict

The Syma X1 is an amazing drone for the price and it’s hard to find one to recommend more highly than this model. If you’re looking for a great starter drone that you can actually fly outside, this is definitely the one to start with. It doesn’t have a camera and it’s not quite as sturdy as some others, but it’s still a fantastic drone. If you like drones from Syma in particular, you can also check out our Syma X11 review. Have you flown this drone before? Let us know how it went in a comment below.

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