Tronxy X5S Review: Price, Ease of Use, and More

Advances in 3D printing have changed the world, and they are sure to bring more exciting advances as the technology grows. Formerly, a 3D printer was a tool reserved for big budgets.

The expense of buying and operating one was high. Luckily for us, the cost of owning a 3D printer is dropping. Many 3D printer options are available today at budget-friendly prices.

A 3D printer has so many uses for anyone with an active hobby from fishing to model building. We’ve all had something in the past that was damaged or broken and rendered useless because replacement parts were not available.

A 3D printer solves this problem in many cases. Covers, propellers, supports, and a host of other components that commonly break during regular use can just be printed now.

One of the most affordable 3D printers on the market is the Tronxy X5S. This printer has quietly taken over part of the market since its introduction.

It rapidly eclipsed its predecessor the X3S. It’s affordable and large enough to print some pretty large items. You can buy a larger printer with more options, but this one is perfect for any hobbyist, and it’s affordable.

We took a deep look at the Tronxy X5S in order to highlight the pros and cons for you. If you’ve purchased a 3D printer in the past, you know the specs and advertising materials associated with them can be misleading.

To get past any mysteries, we dove deep into customer comments to find out what current owners of this printer thought about it.

What Makes the Tronxy X5S Standout?

Two things make this printer stand out in the growing sea of 3D printers: its size and its price tag. It prints up to a maximum capacity of 330x330x400mm.

That means you can print some pretty big items. Other affordable 3D printers are severely limited on the size of their print jobs. You can order the printer from many retailers for under $300.

One thing that stands out about this printer is it’s almost wholly vibration free when in operation. A lot of affordable 3d printers have serious vibration issues which cause problems with the item you are printing and where you plan to set the printer.

The key here is the X and Y motors are stationary, so these motors don’t cause vibration issues common to other 3D printers.

While not necessarily a feature, this printer makes setup simple and straightforward. It is a DIY kit, but most of the complex components are shipped already assembled.

If you own a 3D printer now that’s similar in size to the Tronxy X5S, you remember spending a long day putting it together. If you are familiar with the terminology and components of a 3D printer, you can put this one together in about four hours.

It doesn’t matter what unique features or bonus items come with a 3D printer, and the bottom line is always print speed and quality. The Tronxy X5S is no slacker when it comes to print speed.

Some early economy 3D printers used technology similar to the belts that drive your paper printer. Not the exact technology of course, but the theory was about the same and led to slow printing and mistakes.

Printers like this one use some impressive technology that ensures faster printing and precision. The vibration reducing design of the X5S helps to increase print speed and performance.

Depending on the complexity of the model you’re printing, you can print at speeds close to 100mm per second with the X5S and not have to worry about flaws in the final printed object.

Another thing that stands out about these printers is not the printer itself but the commitment the manufacturer has made to improve their products.

They continuously work to upgrade their products including the Tronxy X5S. If you own or owned an X3S, you won’t recognize the X5S. The manufacturer put a lot of research and development into improving this model over previous models.

Our Favorite Feature

Stability is the best thing about the Tronxy X5S. Ok, that’s not exactly a feature, but with so many poorly made 3D printers on the market, it’s worth mentioning.

Unstable printing beds have plagued 3d printers since companies began building portable printers. These instability issues cause flaws in the finished product and waste materials if you have to reprint something.

The real standout feature of this printer is its easy assembly and short learning curve. If you’ve never used a 3D printer, this is a great model to learn on.

Anyone that can follow directions and has an ounce of mechanical ability can assemble and use this printer easily. For us, ease of use is essential and adds to the value of any product.

Assembling the Tronxy X5S

Typically, the assembly is not something we look at in depth when reviewing a product.

However, since many of you are reading this may be looking at your first 3D printer purchase, it’s crucial that you realize what you’re getting into on every level.

There’s a big difference between putting together a bookshelf or desk when compared to assembling a 3D printer.

The Tronxy X5S comes with a USB drive that is loaded with instructions for assembly and use plus any software you’ll need.

For us, this is a big bonus compared to the paper booklet that comes with most things that require assembly after purchase.

Digital files are searchable, and there’s very little chance you will spill coffee on the USB and render it useless.

Some of the instructions in the assembly guide are aimed at more experienced 3D printer owners. If all else fails, do not try the trial and error method of assembling it.

Ask Google to help you find an explanation online. Putting the printer together and hoping you got it right is an expensive mistake. There’s a webpage or video on the internet for almost everything these days.

You’ll need some basic tools. Chances are you already have all the tools you need, so there’s no need to spend extra money on a set of tools. Any specialty tools required are included with the printer.

You should be prepared with at least a few sizes and varieties of screwdrivers or screwdriver bits. A pair of long-nosed pliers are great for those moments when you drop a piece, and it rolls under the printer.

If you put together a 3D printer in the past, you know what you are in for with this printer. That said, the seven or eight hours it takes to put most printers together is reduced to only four or five hours with the Tronxy X5S.

The manufacturer put together many of the parts that are annoying to assemble for you before they ship the printer. That’s a big bonus point for this printer.

Are They Expensive

The price tag on the Tronxy X5S is one of the great things about it. GearBest has this printer for $299.99. Prices at other online retailers range from $299.99 to around $400. Some of the more expensive kits come with bonus filament or other extras. 

Filament, the stuff you use to print things, for this printer is affordable as well with many retailers selling it in black for around $25 a spool.

What do Customers Say

Hobbyists love this printer because it’s easy to use and affordable. Almost anyone can assemble the printer and start printing in a few hours, or a long afternoon.

Customers that own the X5S praise it over the X3S for its stability. Many customers like the Tronxy X5S better than any previous brand of 3D printer they’ve used.

The overall positive comments we found about this printer left us feeling confident it is an excellent printer for hobbyists.

Many hobbies are expensive such as RC boats and drones, so being able to buy an affordable printer to print replacement parts is a good thing.

You can print any number of replacement parts that commonly fail due to use or user errors.

If you are looking for a sophisticated 3D printer for printing precision parts, the Tronxy X5S may be the right printer for you, and it may not be the right printer.

Printing a replacement wheel, rotor, tailfin, or something similar is pretty easy if you have the proper specifications. Printing other high-performance parts that must work correctly is another deal altogether.

While the printer does an excellent job printing due to its great stabilization, some customers claim it takes too long to heat up which slows it down.

If you need to print several small items, you may have to start the job and kill some time for a while. A few ways to speed up the process exist, but we don’t recommend them because they may be dangerous.

Some customers were unhappy with the software that comes with the Tronxy X5S. It lacks a few minor things, and some of the settings are hard to understand if you’re new to 3D printing.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you have experience working with 3D printers. The software issues are really a matter of personal preference and not a flaw in the product itself.

We’ve all bought something and wound up missing parts when we tried to assemble it. A few customers complained about missing screws and mislabeled wires when trying to assemble the printer.

A few missing screws is an easy fix, but mislabeled wires are dangerous. In most of these cases, they were labeled correctly, but the colors were so similar it caused confusion.

Overall, customers remain happy with their purchase, and they say the printer works great. If you are new to 3D printing, this printer is probably the least expensive printer, and it’s easy to learn how to use it.

It may be the perfect printer for the novice based on price and ease of use. If you do buy one and run across any issues, the manufacturer or retailer will help you get it sorted out.

Are They Better than their Competition

For the most part, the Tronxy X5S beats the competition on price and ease of use. It’s one of the best large format 3D printers on the market that is budget-friendly.

That’s not to say better printers aren’t available, but you’ll pay twice or three times the price for them. The X5S is a large format printer at small-format prices.

Our Opinion

If you need to print replacement parts or create prototypes of your projects, this printer will serve you well up to 330x330x400mm. If you’re new to 3D printing and looking to try it out, this printer is an excellent place to start your journey.

Once you start using a 3D printer for replacement parts or just creating fun projects, you will wonder how you ever got by without a printer like the Tronxy X5S.


The Tronxy X5S is rapidly becoming a favorite printer among hobbyist. It offers an affordable price, under $300 in most cases, along with easy assembly.

The instruction manual is on a USB drive which speeds up assembly because you can search it and easily copy and paste things into a Google search if you need more information.

It heats up a little slow, so if you plan to print several items, so try to set things up so you can do more than one thing at a time.

Once it heats up and begins the job, it reliably works at speeds around 100mm per second.

Remember, 100mm is not a significant number, but it’s printing that much per second. We believe you’ll be happy with the speed once you learn how to use it efficiently.

Printing with 3d printers has come a long way since the days of the $50,000 printer that was the size of your living room. It’s no longer a tool reserved for companies with large budgets.

Anyone can afford a decent printer for business use or personal hobbies. These printers are a great way to reduce the cost of replacement parts and make some extra money.

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