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Yipa 3D Flip Mini RC Drone Review | DRONEISTA.COM

Yipa 3D Flip Mini RC Drone Review

This mini drone is probably the smallest you will ever own. Because of its wealth of features and low price, you should consider getting this mini quadcopter. The subsequent Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone review will cover all you need to know about this product comprehensively.

Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone Review Main Features & Specs

This Yipa 3D Flip Mini drone has a 4CH with 6 axis gyro, which makes it more resistant to altitude displacement. The presence of the 6 sensors makes it sensitive to falls and very high altitudes. It stabilizes the throttle and pitch controls, and through this, makes the drone get steady when hovering in the air.

Yipa 3D flip mini RC drone

The Yipa 3D Flip mini drone is made of aluminum and has a light airframe. Such features make it possible to stay in the air for a longer period without depleting the battery.

Yipa 3D Flip Mini RC Drone Specs

Flight Environment Camera Battery Charge Weight Size Range
5min Indoors& Outdoors No 3.7V 100mah Li-Po 15-20 min 4.8 ounces 1.57×1.57×0.87inches  30m

Other Specs and Features:

  • An alarm to let the user know when the battery is running low;
  • LED light to make the drone visible in the night;
  • 3-speed flight modes: high, medium, and low;

The mini drone is capable of 3D flips, so once you learn to control it, you can flip it right, left, and also to the side. This device does not have a camera, but if you are interested in a mini drone with camera, you can check out the Hubsan X4 H107D.

Blade 200 QX BNFBlade-200-QX-Available-on-AmazonBlade 200 QX BNF

Arguments: Pros & Cons

Yipa 3D Flip Mini RC Drone Pros:
  • Small but powerful;
  • Stable and flips well;
  • LED lights on the motors help with night vision;
  • Good battery life, fast charging;
  • Easy to set up and fly;
  • Bright blue color so it is hard to lose, despite the small size;
  • Comes with spare propellers.
Yipa 3D Flip Mini RC Drone Cons:
  • Blades are of poor-quality plastic and bend easily.

Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Setting up this drone is a simple task. The Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone review below will cover all you need to know regarding the operation of the quadcopter.

Remote Control

The remote control has an ergonomic design so it fits very comfortable in the hand. To start, you will need to move the left throttle upwards then backward to synchronize the transmitter with the quadcopter. This movement will also improve the LED light.

Controlling the drone is quite a challenge. You can find the instructions on how to fly it in the user’s manual, but this Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone review can give you a good idea of how you should do it. The fun in flying these devices is usually in the tricks you can perform. That is why many flyers take the time to learn how to do 3D flips.

To make this mini drone flip, you need to push the RC’s right button and flip. The drone will do a right barrel. It will make a beeping sound that signals to you that it is ready to flip.

Flying the Drone

Before flying your drone, it is important to check if all parts are fixed tightly so as to prevent it from crashing. You also need to charge the it fully before flying it. When actually flying it, always limit the movement to where your eyesight can reach, otherwise, you can crash it easily.

To fly it, you need to give it a little push to allow the propellers to start. Once they start rotating, you can let go of the stick. You should release the throttle once the drone is off the ground and hovering in the air. At this point, you can make it do a front flip, back flip, or side flip. For a back flip, you just need to maneuver the control forward and then push it back. If you want to do a front flip, just do the reverse of this control.

This drone also allows you to do side flips. Once you hear the beeping sound, you can flip it right or left by flicking the switches. For instance, you can do a right flip by flicking the switch from left to right.

You might not want to have your first flight indoors. This is because the drone is very fast and the many obstructions in the house might hit and damage it. Ideally, you should test it out in a clear outdoor location that is far from trees and buildings.

Because of its small size, you don’t want to use it in a place where it can disappear in the ground. The range of the quadcopter is not small, but in outdoor environments, it is easy to fly it out of range. This will make you lose control of it. When this happens, regaining control is very hard, even when it falls back into range.

That is why you need to first try it out in a place where you can find it in case it drops. As you have probably learned from this Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone review, the quadcopter comes in a bright blue color to help you find it when it falls. However, you shouldn’t always rely on this aspect.

What’s in the Box?

The Yipa 3D flip mini RC drone comes with a few extra accessories. The whole package includes:

  • The quadcopter;
  • A mode 2 2.4G transmitter;
  • A USB cable to charge the drone;
  • Two extra blades;
  • A user manual.

Our Verdict

As you have learned from the above Yipa 3D Flip Mini Drone review, this quadcopter is inexpensive, yet a functional product that is great for beginners. The remote control is pretty sensitive, and the drone moves at an amazing speed, however, the blades are made of a thin plastic material. This UAV has a great look, we would highly recommend it to any drone enthusiast who is not ready to spend a lot of money.

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